Company Policy

The mission of “Dugladze Wine Company” LLC with constant observance of legislative norms is the production of alcoholic products from high quality and harmless grape raw materials which always meets the customer`s expectations.

Our vision for food safety is as follows:

  • To be a guarantor of stability, safety, quality and to have a leading position in the alcohol production segment;

  • Continuously improve: Food Safety Management Systems (FSSC) efficiency, customer oriented policy, staff proactivity, emergency management, protection from food fraud (FF) and food damage, traceability and recall procedures, based on food safety management assurance strategy, proper planning of objectives, implementation, audit, analysis, continuous improvement of the effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures.

The goals of the company:

  • Improving the business processes of the organization and constantly increasing revenues by providing quality and harmless products and services to the client;

  • Analysis of internal and external factors, continuous analysis and improvement of customer and stakeholder needs, expectations and satisfaction assessments;

  • Continuous improvement of the quality of business processes, products and the quality of internal production technological processes. Control and ensure product quality and safety in accordance with the legal requirements of the local and export markets;

  • Continuous improvement of the staff FS culture, proactivity, qualifications and motivation;

  • Continuous improvement of the GFSI Recognized Scheme - Food Safety Management Systems (FSSC).