Wine with georgian character

Different natural landscapes of Georgian regions considerably determine diversity of Georgian character, which undoubtedly  is reflected on Georgian wines, produced in these regions.

“DUGLADZE WINES & SPIRITS” produces high quality wines, that reflect the specific character of a viticulture region and Georgian winemaking old tradition.

Sparkling wines

 “DUGLADZE WINES & SPIRITS” produces three kinds of sparkling wine: Royal – semidry, Royal semisweet and Royal – Rose semidry.

ROYAL IS DISTINGUISHED BY THE RICHNESS OF TASTE. Light aroma of citrus fruits tones and joyful sourness makes beverage very nice to drink on summer parties.

Wine brandy

“DUGLADZE WINE COMPANY” produces wide range of high quality wine brandies of 3,5,7,9,12,14 and 17 year aging. Company has bid supply of highest quality brandy spirits.

about us

Mr. Dimitry Dugladze has greatly contributed to success of “Dugladze Wine Company”. He was a gifted businessman and a professional. He played an imported role in the development of Georgian winemaking. During all his life he aimed to provide high quality products to consumers in Georgia and abroad. His sons, Dugladze brothers successfully continue his business. Thay made “DUGLADZE WINE COMPANY” one of the leaders of Georgian winemaking industry by combining ancient Georgian traditions, novelties and loyalty to the family business.