Mr. Dimitry Dugladze has greatly contributed to success of “Dugladze Wine Company”. He was a gifted businessman and a professional. He played an important role in the development of Georgian winemaking. During all his life he aimed to provide high quality products to consumers in Georgia and abroad. 



Start of the history of our factory, when one of the largest wineries in Soviet Union was built. The factory was supplying most part of Soviet Union with alcohol drinks by that time.



Dugladze Wine Company LLC was founded by sons of Dimitry. They equip the factory with Italian and German machinery of the world-renowned companies - Della Toffola, Krones, Cavagninno & Gatti, Seitz Enzinger Noll. The same year, the first wines and alcoholic drinks were bottled and exported under the brand Dugladze.



Dugladze Wine Company purchased Vartsikhe Factory, one of the most famous hubs in the history of producing brandy spirits, associated with the name of Ananov. The factory has been working since 1908, producing products like Brandy Vartsikhe, Salkhino, Kolkheti and others.



Rebranding in Dugladze Wine Company. New styles, forms and concepts are developed to offer to its customers. Visual identity of the company was also established along with the product packaging pattern.



Dugladze Wine Company intrduces new, premium line wines 





TROPHY - TIBAANI 2017 - Georgia International wine award 2019

SILVER - Kisi Qvevri - Deacnter 2019

GOLD - Saperavi reserve 2014 - Mundus Vini 2019

GOLD - Otskhanuri Sapere 2015 - Mundus Vini 2019

GOLD - Mukuzani 2016 - Mundus Vini 2019

SILVER - Kisi Qvevri 2017 - Mudus Vini 2019

GOLD - Saperavi Reserve 2014 - Sakura Womans Wine Award 2019

SILVER - Mukuzani 2016 - Sakura Womans Wine Award 2019

SILVER - Sparklin Wine Brut - Sakura Womans Wine Award 2019

SILVER - Saperavi 2016 - Saperavi Inrernational 2018

SILVER - Rkatsiteli Qvevri - International Qvevri Wine Competition 2018


Dugladze Wine Company presented at China International Import Expo

8 November, 2019
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Dugladze Wine Company gained another success on IWC

4 July, 2019

Dugladze Wine Company gained another success on International Wine Challenge China 2019, held in Shanghai.

Kisi Qvevri 2016 has won gold medal
Saperavi Reserve 2015 has won silver medal

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