Mr. Dimitry Dugladze has greatly contributed to success of “Dugladze Wine Company”. He was a gifted businessman and a professional. He played an important role in the development of Georgian winemaking. During all his life he aimed to provide high quality products to consumers in Georgia and abroad. His sons, Dugladze brothers successfully continue his business. They made “Dugladze Wine Company” one of the leaders of Georgian winemaking industry by combining ancient Georgian traditions, novelties and loyalty to the family business.

Company owns vineyards in different viticultur regions of Georgia:

  • Kakheti: 290 ha. Grape varieties: Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mtsvane;
  • Imereti: 35 ha. Grape varieties: Tsitska, Tsolikouri;
  • Kartli: 30 ha. Grape varieties: Mtsvane, Shavkapito;

Along with it, company purchases more than 2000 tones of grapes from farmers, selecting them by varietal purity and quality.

  Each member of the company staff contributes to attaining high quality production. Winemakers carefully control all processes from receiving grapes till bottling wine. This determines success of production on different international exhibitions and consumer markets.


All equipment of “Dugladze Wine Company” is made by famous, acknowledged companies such as “Della Toffola”, “Krones”, “Cavagninno & Gatti”, “Seitz Enzinger Noll”. Company’s capacity is 15000 bottles per hour. Company has a modern laboratory, equipped to conduct wide range of physic-chemical analysis.


Company is certified according to ISO22000 by TÜV SÜD


“Dugladze Wine Company” has been rewarded on many different wine festivals and degustation.  The medals and diplomas, won by products of the company confirm, that it is always determined to produce high quality products.


Strategy to fight against falsification

14 December, 2016

On December 9, under the invitation of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, Mr. Zaali Dugladze General Director of LLC Dugladze Wine Company signed Cooperation Agreement on Tracing System of Wine Products with Silk Road Investment Holding (Shanghai) Company Ltd. Shanghai Commerce Intelligence Center in Xi’an, China. This agreement is aimed to help set up tracing system for Dugladze’s wine and spirits products so that Chinese consumers may use Mobile phone to scan QR code which will be printed on the label and get instant information about where and how the products are produced, when and where the grapes are harvested, the results of commodityinspection, etc.. The project of tracing system is to guarantee the authenticity of the products. Nowadays, there is dramatic growth of bottling and selling fake alcohol products in the Chinese market. By joining this project, Dugladze is intended to battle against the counterfeit and safeguard the security of our consumers. Dugladze is the first Georgian company to participate in this project which is endorsed by the State Council, the Ministry of Treasury and the Ministry of Commerce in China. We hope that our trial will be a good example for other Georgian wine producers so that later all may benefit from this project.

Visit of government delegation of Belarus

5 September, 2016

On August 31, "Dougladze Wine Company" was visited by the delegation of the Republic of Belarus, led by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Rusyi. Along with the guests there were the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia to the Republic of Belarus - David Kotaria and the Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia – Genadi Arveladze. The guests visited the renewed factory and tasted "Dougladze Wine Company"’s wines. Business talk was being held during the meeting, where future cooperation was discussed. The Belarusian government delegation also included: Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Belarus to Georgia - Mikhail Miatlikov, Minsk Executive Committee Chairman - Andrei Shorets, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food - Leonid Marinich, First Deputy Minister of Architecture and Construction -  Alexander Kruchanov, Deputy Minister of Industry - Alexander Ogorodnikov and concern "Belgoshpishcheprom" Chairman - Alexander Zabello.

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